Cybersecurity Conference 2022

27-28 October 2022

JW Marriott


Working language: English

Pillar 1

Creation of the national framework for training and motivating the human resource

Pillar 2

Resilience, emerging technologies and threats

Pillar 3

Cyber Security Policies

Day 1

Thursday, October 27




Opening Session – Grand Ballroom C+D

- Iulian CHIFU, State counselor

- Bogdan DUMEA, The Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitalization

- Bogdan GHELBERE, Deputy General Secretary

- Nicoleta Pauliuc, President, Committee on Defense, Public Order and National Security, Senate


Cybersecurity in Romania – a 360⁰ vision – Grand Ballroom C+D

The discussions will focus at the strategic level, reuniting high level experts and representatives from the private and public sectors

- Dan CÎMPEAN, Director of DNSC, Moderator

- Mircea GRIGORAȘ, Manager Security IT Departement, OTP Bank

- Marius Haientz PATRICHE, Deputy General Director, MAI

- Fabrice WYNANTS, Director - Security/IAM Solutions, CEGEKA

- Marius MARINESCU, Technical Director, METAMINDS

- Cosmin GEORGESCU, CEO, Cluster Power

- Ioan CONSTANTIN, Cyber Security Expert, Orange

- Virgilius STĂNCIULESCU, Director IT, ANCOM

12:30–13:30 - Lunch break

13:30–15:30 Pillar 1

Education and awareness in cybersecurity: challenges, perspectives, and solutions – Grand Ballroom C+D

The panel aims to analyse the concrete situation in Romania from the perspective of cyber security, namely the current context, the education system in the field of cyber security, training programs for the future, existing initiatives and identified solutions, perspectives

- Octavian POPA, Superior Manager Cybersecurity, DNSC, Moderator

- Madalin VASILE, Director Systems Engineering - South Eastern Europe, FORTINET

- George DANILIUC, Director EMEA, SANS

- Adrian BADEA, CyberSecurity Business Development Manager, S&T

- Sorin STĂNICĂ, Director, Institute for Research and Crime Prevention, MAI

- Ioan Cosmin MIHAI, Cybercrime Training Officer, CEPOL

- Jan RYNES, Solutions Architect, Infoblox

- Cătălina NICULIȚĂ, System Engineering Manager, CISCO

13:30–15:30 Pillar 2

Supply chain security – Grand Ballroom A+B

Presentations should touch on the following topics: patch management, vendor diversification, dependence, stakeholders, responsibility, certification.

- Ștefan TĂNASE, Security researcher, DNSC, Moderator

- Alexandru ENACHE, Regional Sales Manager East Europe, A10 Networks

- Panagiotis PAPAGIANNAKOPOULOS, head of Cyber Security, Data Protection & Privacy services, EY Romania

- Dan Barbu VULTUR, Chief Security Officer, HUAWEI

- Andrei BOZEANU, Cyber Security Researcher, DNSC

- Tomasz PIETRZYK, Systems Engineering Manager for Eastern Europe, Palo Alto Network

15:30–15:45 - Coffee break

15:45–17:45 Pillar 1

Cybersecurity in the education and instruction processes: an integrated perspective of the public, private, and academia stakeholders – Grand Ballroom C+D

The panel aims to identify solutions for the realization of a training and education platform, which includes the ideas and concepts from the three environments (public, private, academia) and which becomes a useful tool in the field of specialized education.

- Sebastian PITEI, Infrastructure & Security Manager, Bit Sentinel, Moderator

- Emil SIMION, Associate Professor, University Politehnica of Bucharest and Business Generator, Deputy Director

- Răzvan RUGHINIȘ, Professor and Vice-Dean, Faculty of Automatic Control and Computers, University Politehnica of Bucharest

- lect. dr. Darius BUFNEA și Alexandru KIRALY, Babeș-Bolyai University

- Titus BĂLAN, Conf. dr.ing, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Transilvania Brașov University

- Răzvan BOLOGA, Professor in the Computer Science Department, ASE Bucharest

- Gabriel RAICU, Assoc. Prof. PhD. Eng.,Vice-Rector for Scientific Research & Innovation, Maritime University of Constanța

- Conf.Dr.Ing. Ciprian OPRIȘA, Computer Science Department, Faculty of Automation and Computer Science, Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

- Dr. Florin SOFONEA, Associate Professor Dean, Faculty of Sciences, "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu

- Claudiu BRANDAS, Professor, PhD and PhD coordinator, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, West University of Timisoara

- Ciprian PUNGILĂ, Professor, Associate Professor, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, West University of Timișoara

15:45–17:45 Pillar 2

Successful Romanian models in cybersecurity: challenges and capabilities – Grand Ballroom A+B

Start-ups and successful Romanian companies developing innovative cybersecurity products and technologies.

- Cătălina Dodu, Vicepresident, ANIS, Moderator

- Andrei ȘTEFĂNIE, Product Engineer, Cyscale Systems


- Florin POPESCU, Founder, Cyberwall

- Alin MECHENICI, Founder & CEO, CHENIST Cybersecurity

- Mădălin STANIU, Managing Partner, BlackBullet

- Pavel PRODANIUC, Managing Partner, Cyber Dacians

- Lucian CORNEEV, Senior Security Specialist, CyBourn

Day 2

Friday, October 28



10:00–12:00 Pillar 2

Romanian initiatives in cybersecurity – Grand Ballroom C+D

Promoting Romanian initiatives in the cyber field (academic area, hubs, research, cloud)

- Radu STĂNESCU, Governing Board Alternate, ECCC, Moderator

- Gabriel DAVID, Head Division, STS

- Victor VEVERA, General Director, ICI

- Cosmin ANGHEL, Cyber Security Director (CISO), Nuclearelectrica

- Sorin MIRIȚESCU, Research and Development Director, SAFETECH INNOVATIONS SA

- Vladimir ESTER, Chief Technology Officer, Clusterpower

- Lior MICHELZON, Director for the Secure DevOps, HCL Software

10:00–12:00 Pillar 2

Solidarity and resilience in cybersecurity – Grand Ballroom A+B

The panellists will discuss frameworks of cooperation and information sharing in case of threats or vulnerabilities. The discussions should capitalize on the importance of solidarity, while aiming for consolidating a common high level of resilience.

- Mihai Cocoru, MAE, Moderator

- Emrah ALPA, Sr. Product Manager, ArcSight Global Content, Micro Focus

- Liliana MUȘEȚAN, Head of Unit, Council of the European Union

- Adrian DUȚĂ, Vice President, Euro-Atlantic Center for Resiliency

- Tomasz ROT, Director of Sales Central and Eastern Europe, Exterro

- Magda POPESCU, Outside Legal Counsel Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), EMEA, Microsoft

- Alina BÂRGĂOANU, University Professor PhD/ Dean of the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, SNSPA

12:00–12:15 - Coffee break

12:15–14:15 Pillar 3

Policy and regulation in cybersecurity – Grand Ballroom C+D

The discussion will focus on the national regulation framework, including developing strategies, policies and regulations, and the implementation of the Romanian National Cyber Security Strategy, the transition to the NIS 2 Directive, and the Cybersecurity Act (especially ideas for encouraging cybersecurity certifications in Romania).

- Adrian MUNTEANU, Professor, "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iași, Moderator

- Toma CÎMPEANU, Executive Director, ANSSI

- Adrian FLOAREA, CEO, Certsign

- Mihail GURANDA, Superior Cybersecurity Manager, DNSC

- Elena CRISTIAN, University Politehnica of Bucharest

- Evangelos KANTAS, Cybersecurity Expert, ENISA

- Grațiela MĂGDĂLINOIU, President, ISACA Romania Chapter

- Rene SUMMER, Director Government and Industry Advocacy, Ericsson Corporate

12:15–14:15 Pillar 3

Supporting the Romanian projects – Grand Ballroom A+B

Ongoing projects in the field of cyber security, funding lines, initiatives to create entities (Finanțare proiecte-Comisie-MIPE, Certificare - EY, Cityscape-ICCS, IRIS-Inov, SECANT-Polaris/Simavi, ISACs etc.)

- Cristian PRIBOI, Cyber Security Coordinator, DNSC, Moderator

- Viorel VULTURESCU, General Director, MCID

- Ana-Maria BUȘONIU, General Director, OIPSI

- Monica Caballero GALEOTE, SECANT Project Coordinator, NTT Data

- Iasonas SIOUTIS, Project manager CITYSCAPE, Institute of Communication & Computer Systems (ICCS)

- Cristinel Bogdan BĂRBULESCU, Senior Management Consultant, Electrica SA

- Mihail GURANDA, Project coordinator IRIS, DNSC

14:15–14:30 - Conclusions

14:30 - Lunch


JW Marriott

Calea 13 Septembrie 90, Bucharest, Romania

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