The New Global Challenges in Cyber Security - #certcon10

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Logo authors: Suzana Gabriela Lupu & Robert Dumitrașcu


    The Romanian Computer Incident Response Team (CERT-RO) is pleased to announce the 10th anniversary edition of the Annual International Conference “The New Global Challenges in Cyber Security” - #CERTCON10 that will be held on 22nd of October. Due to the restrictions imposed by SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, we are not able to physically organize the event, but we are fully determined make the online edition a success.

    CERTCON10 will offer the right framework to share ideas and good practices on a wide range of topics and will gather cybersecurity experts, government officials and policy makers, as well as representatives of private companies from different fields and industries, NGOs and the academic environment, providing a generous space of debates and presentations addressing technical and legislative issues in the field of cyber security at national and international levels.

    CERTCON10 should engage experts to discuss the rising challenges. We will dive into the impact created by the 5G toolbox and the new European framework of certification and standardization, tackling after that the issue of cybercrime and social engineering. We explore the issues such as education, awareness, psychology, e-Governance and women in cyber are increasingly gaining track on public and private agendas. Furthermore, there is a pressing need for accelerating the public-private-academia partnership through the development of ISACs.

    We have reached many milestones in implementing the NIS Directive and we have reached the moment of the review of the document. We will discuss the challenges met in implementing the Directive, as well as the impact the review will bring.

    Finally, we want to reflect the increasing importance of the emerging technologies in our society by discussing their implications on our future.

    Hoping that this short introduction stimulates your interest, we encourage you to register for the conference, till October 15th.

    We are looking forward to meeting you in the virtual space, for discussing and debating those interesting topics.

    The works of the conference will be held in English.

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Team (CERT-RO) thanks you all for attending our event!

See you next year!

We new friends!