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Technical University of Cluj-Napoca - Information and Computing System Security


Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUCN), Computer Science Department runs a cybersecurity master program named "Information and Computing System Security" ("Securitatea Informațiilor și Sistemelor de calcul - SISC" in Romanian). It has been started in October 2015. We are now at the sixth generation of students.

The SISC master program covers 2 academic years, providing 15 courses in the cybersecurity field during a 3-semester period, 1 semester (the last) being reserved exclusively for the dissertation preparation. Its main purpose is to provide the students an overall perspective of the cybersecurity field, still let them take contact with specific, real-life cybersecurity problems, challenges, attack and defense techniques, tools and solutions.

Some of the covered subjects are: secure coding, reverse engineering and malware analysis, hardware-supported security, mobile device security, security audit and risk management, operating-system level security, network security, virtualization-based security, Web security, cryptography, pentesting, security forensic, big data and machine learning in security.   

The SISC master runs in a close cooperation with the Bitdefender company, a well-known Romanian cybersecurity company, having lecturers and lab assistants from both our university and the Bitdefender company. Due to this university-industry collaboration, our master program is very application-oriented. This means that, beside the theoretical background presented during the lecture classes, there are a lot of hands-on activities (during lab and project classes) and homework assignments.

The Web site of our master is at https://os.cs.utcluj.ro/sisc/.