A fost publicată lista furnizorilor de servicii de formare pentru securitate cibernetică
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The National center for Response to Cyber Security Incidents (CERT-RO) has become the partner în project Advanced Cyber Defence Centre, îstart yesterday;nd with the month of February 2013.

The main objective of the TDCA is the fight îagainst the threat of cyber, which carries the generic name of the botnet. The term refers to a collection of software robots, or bots, running în automatically and autonomously. Usually they run on groups of computers „zombie” remotely controlled running different programs, usually installed by trojans, worms, backdoors. The owner of the network of bots can control computers remotely via tools type IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and most of the times, în nefarious purposes.

To achieve an outcome sustainable, the project was g&yesterday;thought as a joint effort of public, private and academic. În Rom&case;nia, CERT-RO has the quality coordinator în partnership  with other institutions involved within the field of cyber security: the Service Rom yesterday;n of Information, the Service of Special Telecommunications, the Ministry of National Defence, Ministry of Administration and Interior.  At the global level, the project Advanced Cyber Defence Centre involving 28 partners from 14 european countries. At european level, the project is led by the Association of Internet Service Providers of Germany - ECO.

The project Advanced Cyber Defence Centre aims to  the identification, measurement and network analysis of botnets, as well as the prevention, detection, mitigation, recovery and evaluation of the impact of cyber threats. They want to create a solution end-to-end, from detection to protection, through five services, operated by the member states.

Within the framework of the Advanced Cyber Defence Centre, will be înființatun centre for the collection and analysis of data and a support center that offers structured information to interested parties. As part of this service, users will be able to download the tools from the disinfection.

The third service focuses on detecting and cleaning infected web sites, &icirc n while the fourth service will analyze the anomalies network, including botnets from the cloud or mobile services. The fifth service is aimed at the integration of the instruments necessary to identify and eliminate the malware on the devices of end users.

Project îand proposes, on the long term, not only to identify and îshutting off the servers for command and control, but also the elimination of the networks of botnets.

CERT-RO is a public institution, with legal personality and was înființată as a structure independent of expertise and research and development within the field of the protection of cyber infrastructure, în the coordination of the Ministry for Information Society.