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[CERT-RO#20160524] Teslacrypt and other ransomware campaigns for which there are solutions for recovery of encrypted files

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Ransomware is a malware (malicious software) what îstopping access to files, or even to the îthe whole computer system infected, p&yesterday;even to the payment of a „rewards” (ransom). This type of malware is characterized by a rapid evolution within the past few years, ... Read more ->

Locky ransomware

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One of the latest ransomware variants of this malware is known as Locky. Files stored in PCs infected with Locky is encrypted and renamed with the extension ".locky" (hence the name of this malware). After encrypting files, wallpaper (wallpaper) is changed to an image they are told users that ... Read more ->

UPDATE: the CTB-Locker encrypts the content of such web sites

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CTB Locker (Locker Bitcoin Curve-Tor), also known as the Critroni, is malicious software, type ransomware, whose aim is to encrypt files stored on the affected system. It was released in mid-July of 2014 and covers all versions of Windows, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Wind ... Read more ->

Vulnerabilities of the implementations of the cryptographic of the mobile terminals with iOS and Android

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A team of researchers coming from the University of Tel Aviv, Techion and the University of Adelaide has found one way that an attacker could steal the encryption keys used to protect the accounts type wallet (wallet): Bitcoin, Apple Pay, and other sensitive services within the Android and iOS opera ... Read more ->

DROWN: the Vulnerability of the HTTPS protocol

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Drown is a critical vulnerability affecting HTTPS and other services that rely on SSL and TLS, two of the essential cryptographic protocols used for communication security over the Internet. Programmes modern client-server protocol that uses TLS encryption. However, due to configuration errors ... Read more ->