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Critical vulnerability impacting Linux operating systems

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Qualys researchers have recently discovered a security vulnerability affecting library glibc (GNU C Library) LINUX operating systems that allows attackers to remotely connect and take control of affected systems without the need to authenticate them beforehand. The vulnerability has been named by t ... Read more ->

SUCEFUL – the first variant of the malware for atm multi-vendor (ATM)

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INTRODUCTION Îrock of the year 2013 the malware has been used as an effective method to progrma ATMS (Automated Teller Machines) to release the cash în illicitly. Over time experts în security has been confronted with other options such as Ploutus or Tyupkin. Friday 11 September 20 ... Read more ->

Dridex - another trojan aimed at customers of banks in Romania

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  Bitdefender has brought în to public attention a new campaign complex distribution of the trojan Dridex, via spam messages aimed at  the users of the online services offered by the two banks of the Rom yesterday;nia. Almost 90% of all infected systems can be found throughout î ... Read more ->

The trojan Tinba v3 – A cyber threat oriented newest to the 12 financial-banking institutions in Romania

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According to the information published by experts IBM Security X-Force, in sf yesterday;the end of July 2015 it was discovered a version of the trojan Tinba v3 specifically configured to target a number of 12 banking and financial institutions of the Rom yesterday;nia. Tinba is not a cyber threat ne ... Read more ->

STAGEFRIGHT: Vulnerabilities of the Android operating system

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Mobile devices running a version of the operating system Android, from îbetween version 2.2 and version 5.1.1_r4, contain multiple vulnerabilities of the engine of the multimedia playback Stagefright. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to access your multimed ... Read more ->