Cybersecurity Conference


27-28 October 2022

JW Marriott



Working language: English

Pillar 1: Creation of the national framework for training and motivating the human resource

Pillar 2: Resilience, emerging technologies and threats

Pillar 3: Cyber Security Policies

Day 1 - Thursday, October 27

09:30 - 10.00 – Registration

10.00–10.30 – Opening Session

Premier, SGG, Presidential Counsellor

10.00–12.30 – Cybersecurity in Romania – a 360⁰ vision

The discussions will focus at the strategic level, reuniting high level experts and representatives from the private and public sectors.

12.30–13.30 – Lunch break

13.30–15.30 – Education and awareness in cybersecurity: challenges, perspectives, and solutions – Pillar 1

The panel aims to analyse the concrete situation in Romania from the perspective of cyber security, namely the current context, the education system in the field of cyber security, training programs for the future, existing initiatives and identified solutions, perspectives

13.30–15.30 – Supply chain security – Pillar 2

Presentations should touch on the following topics: patch management, vendor diversification, dependence, stakeholders, responsibility, certification.

15.30–15.45 – Coffee break

15.45–17.45 – Cybersecurity in the education and instruction processes: an integrated perspective of the public, private, and academia stakeholders – Pillar 1

The panel aims to identify solutions for the realization of a training and education platform, which includes the ideas and concepts from the three environments (public, private, academia) and which becomes a useful tool in the field of specialized education.

15.45–17.45 – Successful Romanian models in cybersecurity: challenges and capabilities – Pillar 2

Start-ups and successful Romanian companies developing innovative cybersecurity products and technologies.

Day 2 - Friday, October 28th

09:30 - 10.00 – Registration

10.00–12.00 – Romanian initiatives in cybersecurity – Pillar 2

Promoting Romanian initiatives in the cyber field (academic area, hubs, research, cloud)

10.00–12.00 – Solidarity and resilience in cybersecurity – Pillar 2

The panellists will discuss frameworks of cooperation and information sharing in case of threats or vulnerabilities. The discussions should capitalize on the importance of solidarity, while aiming for consolidating a common high level of resilience.

12:00 - 12.15 – Coffee break

12.15–14.15 – Policy and regulation in cybersecurity – Pillar 3

The discussion will focus on the national regulation framework, including developing strategies, policies and regulations, and the implementation of the Romanian National Cyber Security Strategy, the transition to the NIS 2 Directive, and the Cybersecurity Act (especially ideas for encouraging cybersecurity certifications in Romania).

12.15–14.15 – Supporting the Romanian projects – Pillar 3

Ongoing projects in the field of cyber security, funding lines, initiatives to create entities (Finanțare proiecte-Comisie-MIPE, Certificare - EY, Cityscape-ICCS, IRIS-Inov, SECANT-Polaris/Simavi, ISACs etc.)

14:15 - 14.30 – Conclusions

14:30 – Lunch

We new friends!