The New Global Challenges in Cyber Security - #certcon11



Day 1 - October 13th

Presenter: Mr. Dan Cîmpean, DNSC Interim Director

10.00–10.30 – Opening Session (SGA, Presidential Counsellor) (Iorga Hall)

10.30-12.30 - Cybersecurity During and After the Pandemic (Iorga Hall)

  • Mr. Shane Dixon, Acting Deputy Chief of Mission, The Embassy of the United States of America in Romania
  • Ms. Bareket Knafo, Head of the Israeli Economic Mission to Romania and Ukraine, Embassy of Israel
  • Mr. Matteo Lucchetti, Director at CYBER 4.0, National Cyber Security Competence Center (VTC)
  • Mr. Marco Barros Lourenco, Technology Strategist and a Cybersecurity Policy Researcher, ENISA (VTC)

   Moderator: Mr. Anton Rog, Director, National Cyberint Centre Romania

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12.30-13.30 - Lunch break

13.30-15.00 - European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (Bălcescu Hall)

  • Mr. Miguel Gonzalez-Sancho, Head of Unit, “Cybersecurity Technology and Capacity Building”, Directorate General Communications Networks, Content and Technology (VTC)
  • Mr. Luigi Rebuffi, Secretary General, European Cyber Security Organisation (VTC)
  • Mr. Dan Cîmpean, DNSC Interim Director and member of the ECCC Governing Board
  • Mr. Radu Stănescu, member of the ECCC Governing Board
  • Mr. Sotiris Ioannidis, Deputy Coordinator, CONCORDIA (VTC)

   Moderator: Mr. Cristian Pațachia, Development and Innovation Manager, Orange

13.30-15.00 - Cybersecurity, a European and National Priority (Iorga Hall)

  • Prof. Roberto Baldoni, Director, National Cybersecurity Agency of Italy (VTC)
  • Mr. Miguel de Bruycker, Director, Belgian Centre for Cyber Security (VTC)
  • Mr. Robert Kosla, Lt.Col. (Ret.), Director of the Department of Cybersecurity - The Chancellery of the Prime Minister
  • Mr. Leonardo de Vizio, Cybersecurity Policy Officer, Directorate General Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission (VTC)

   Moderator: Mr. Massimo Felici, Security Manager, Accenture (VTC)

15.00-15.15 - Coffee break

15.15-17.00 – Effectively Tackling Cybercrime Through Coordinated Efforts (Bălcescu Hall)

  • Mr. Philipp Amann, Head of Unit European Cyber Crime Centre, Europol (VTC)
  • Ms. Yvonne Serrato, Assistant Legal Attache for Cyber Investigations, The Embassy of the United States of America in Romania
  • Mr. Marcu Ionuț, Chief Prosecutor Cybercrime, DIICOT (VTC)
  • Mr. Virgil Spiridon, Head of Operations, Cybercrime Programme Office (C-PROC) Council of Europe
  • Mr. Cătălin Zetu, Head of Bureau of Investigation of Crimes Against Information Systems within the Romanian Police

   Moderator: Mr. Ioan-Cosmin Mihai, Cybercrime Training Officer at European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) (VTC)

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15.15-17.00 - Technical session - Attacks and Attackers During the Pandemic Time (Iorga Hall)

  • Mr. Mădălin Vasile, System Engineering Manager, Fortinet (VTC)
  • Mr. Piotr Glaska, Senior Solution Architect, Infoblox
  • Mr. Tudor Cristea, Regional sales Manager, Palo Alto Networks (VTC)
  • Mr. Ovidiu Neghină, Cybersecurity Sales Specialist, CISCO
  • Mr. Patrick Palm, Head of Frameworks at Product Security, Ericsson (VTC)
  • Mr. Dan Demeter, Security Researcher, Kaspersky

   Moderator: Mr. Radu Stănescu, Senior Information Security Consultant, Sandline

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Download slides:

Day 2 - October 14th

10.00-11.30 - Cloud Security (Bălcescu Hall)

  • Mr. Pierre Gronlier, Chief Technology Officer, GAIA-X (VTC)
  • Mr. Cristian Săndescu, Chief Executive Officer, CODA Intelligence
  • Mr. Adrian Victor Vevera, General Director, National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics (VTC)
  • Mr. Vladimir Ester, CTO, Cluster Power
  • Mr. Eugen Rusen, Cloud Solution Architect Security & Compliance at Microsoft CEE

   Moderator: Mr. Alessandro Lazari, Senior Key Account Manager, F24 (VTC)

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10.00-11.30 - Democratic Resilience in the Digital Age (Iorga Hall)

  • Ms. Alina Bârgăoanu, Professor, Dean of the College of Communication and Public Relations, National University of Political Studies and Public Administration (VTC)
  • Ms. Oana Popescu Zamfir, Director, GlobalFocus Center
  • Mr. Răzvan Bologa, Professor, Computer Science Department, Bucharest University of Economic Studies
  • Mr. Sebastian Dan Naste, Privacy and Data Protection Analyst, Cullen International

   Moderator: Mr. Bogdan Mureșan, US Embassy (VTC)

11.30-11.45 - Coffee break

11.45-13.30 - Offensive and Defensive Cyber Roles (Bălcescu Hall)

  • Ms. Simona Hoancă, Business Development Executive, Vector Synergy
  • Mr. Carl Taylor, Chief Security Officer, University of Kansas (VTC)
  • Ms. Julie Fugett, Chief Information Technology Security Officer for the University of Kansas (VTC)
  • Mr. Aleksei Filippov, Head of Development, Ericsson (VTC)
  • Mr. Adrian Badea, Cybersecurity Business Development Manager, S&T
  • Mr. Marinel Stanilă, Information Security Advisory Manager, Safetech (VTC)

   Moderator: Mr. Pavel Prodaniuc, Managing Partner, Cyber Dacians (VTC)

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11.45-13.30- Technical session - Attacks and Attackers During the Pandemic Time (Iorga Hall)

  • Mr. Ioan Costantin, Cyber Security Expert, Orange (VTC)
  • Mr. Mihai Sari, Sales Engineer, Trend Micro
  • Mr. Valentin Necoară, Chief Technology Officer, certSIGN (VTC)
  • Mr. Samuel Fricker, Professor at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW (VTC)
  • Mr. Bogdan Botezatu, Director of Threat Research and Reporting, Bitdefender
  • Mr. Lucian Nițescu, Senior IT Security Specialist Bit Sentinel

   Moderator: Mr. Ștefan Tănase, Cybersecurity Incidents operator, DNSC

13.30-13.45– Closing ceremony (Bălcescu Hall)

  • Concluding remarks by Mr. Dan Cîmpean, DNSC Interim Director
  • Launch of ‘Keep your Information System Safe (KISS). Practical Steps for Implementation Best Practices and Legal Considerations” by ISACA and DNSC

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