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On December 14, CERT-RO and Bitdefender showcased a next-gen endpoint protection product that embeds two new technologies - HyperDetect(HD) and Sandbox analyzer - as well as the functionality of advanced reporting, allowing for better visibility and threat context understanding. The event ... Read more ->

A new cyber security workshop CERT-RO – Bitdefender: Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection

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On April 6th 2017 CERT-RO held together with Bitdefender a workshop for presenting a new technology for protecting companies against targeted attacks (APT) through real-time hypervisor memory introspection – Bitdefender HVI. CERT-RO opened the event with a brief presentation on the cyber thre ... Read more ->

Press release: CERT-RO has joined the campaign against malware on mobile devices, organized by Europol at international level

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CERT-RO, Romanian Police, DIICOT and  Bitdefender are joining forces with the European Centre on cybercrime centre (EC3) of Europol for a campaign regarding malware on mobile devices, with the aim to raise awareness of the danger represented by the rise of this cyber securit ... Read more ->