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Babeș-Bolyai University - Postgraduate program “Securitatea Sistemelor Informatice”


The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University Babes-Bolyai launches the Postgraduate Program "System Security information".

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University Babeş-Bolyai announces the launch of the Postgraduate Program "Security Information Systems ".

Unprecedented development of the Internet and the way it is we are interacting with this network as well as the ever-increasing level of digitization present at the level of society, raises new related challenges security and cyber threats. At the level of society there is presently a vacuum of knowledge and awareness of the issues raised by cyber security and the dangers it entails, the number of specialists in the field being reduced and below the required number.

This program aims to bring a value transfer to society, in particular to small and medium-sized organizations (enterprises, institutions in the public system) to which the danger posed by cyber threats are not sufficiently perceived. This program is addresses all graduates of undergraduate programs with knowledge of base of operating systems and computer networks, especially those which operates in organizations such as those mentioned previously and want to deepen cyber security and security to specialize in systems security procedures and tools information.

The courses included in the program include: Introduction to cyber security, GDPR, system administration and security, and a Networking, Penetration testing, Security incidents and security incidents malware software analysis, Cryptography applied on the Internet.

Entries within the program take place between 11-22 February 2019. Additional program information can be obtained by visiting the program page at: http://www.cs.ubbcluj.ro/cyber/