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Ovidius University - Project „ProInfo – Human Resources Training in Informatics“


The overall objective of the "ProInfo - Human Resources Training in Informatics" project is to foster local and regional development opportunities for society at cyber security through an updated and diversified educational offer developed in close correlation with regional and national strategic priorities , accompanied by a package of measures to attract young people to the study, accompanied by actions to increase the skills of teaching staff and which together contribute to maximizing employment opportunities for future graduates in tertiary, university and non-technical tertiary education. The project aims to achieve the following specific objectives:

1. Improving the competence level for 50 staff members of Ovidius University in Constanta at tertiary and tertiary non-technical tertiary education levels in terms of the design and delivery of modern and flexible, adapted, the needs of learners / students to relate to labor market requirements correlated with Romania's strategic development priorities;

2. Increasing the adequacy of socio-emotional and professional capacities to the requirements of a continuously changing labor market for a number of 300 students in the final years of the Bachelor's / Master's degree cycles (of which 61 students will come from groups vulnerable) through the development and delivery of a package of 6 courses complementary to the university curriculum, with innovative content and a significant applicative component aimed at increasing employability.

3. Extending the non-technical tertiary education offer by establishing and authorizing the technical college with the specializations "Programmer analyst" and "Local networks and communications administrator", elaboration of the study programs related to the two professional qualifications and piloting them with a minimum number of 40 students (out of which 10 belong to vulnerable groups) for at least 1 academic year.

4. Increasing the rate of access to and participation in tertiary and non-technical tertiary education while reducing the abandonment rate through a package of measures consisting of financial support in a lump sum of 300 lei / month and professional counseling for 71 students / trainees , as well as complementary actions such as "meetings with employers" for all learners / students in the target group. The objectives of the project "ProInfo - Human Resources Training in Informatics" fall within the Strategic Plan of Ovidius University in Constanta 2016-2020, offering an attractive educational environment, both with the help of financial incentives directed towards those belonging to the vulnerable groups, as well as through through complementary "employer meetings" activities dedicated to the wider group of learners and students.