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Press release: Romania’s National Cyber Security Directorate (DNSC) and Bitdefender work together in support of Ukraine

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Bucharest, 27 February 2022

Recent geopolitical events have transformed our world as we knew it. We must stand united in facing the increasing cybersecurity challenges of today and for years to come.

Sharing the same mission and values of integrity, freedom and resilience, Romania’s National Cyber Security Directorate (DNSC) – in partnership with Bitdefender – will provide technical consulting, threat intelligence and, free of charge, cybersecurity technology to any business, government institution or private citizen of Ukraine for as long as it is necessary.

Additionally, the Directorate in partnership with Bitdefender will provide Bitdefender cybersecurity technologies free of charge for one year to any company or public entity from NATO or European Union space who seeks to enhance their cybersecurity posture by replacing cybersecurity solutions which present trust concerns from a technical or geopolitical perspective.

Romania considers that the cyberspace must be secure and resilient, and no geopolitical or military interests should affect the lives of people and their business.

We remain committed to help all citizens, and the private and public sector actors of the free and democratic world, for keeping our planet as a conflict-free place.

We invite all NATO and European Union member states to contribute to this endeavour.


For more information visit www.dnsc.ro and www.bitdefender.com

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