Au fost publicate Normele privind autorizarea și verificarea furnizorilor de servicii de formare pentru securitate cibernetică
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Discussing information security with the board of directors 2021/05/06 0.35 MB
Short Overview on Emotet Attack 2021/04/28 1.64 MB
Penetration testing process - Hunting for vulnerabilities 2021/04/22 0.73 MB
Ecosistemul de criminalitate informatică (CrowdStrike) 2021/04/21 0.51 MB
Penetration testing and Red Teaming - Blueprints for your fortress 2021/04/16 0.87 MB
Blue team’s role in security 2021/04/08 0.83 MB
Governance of data related to offensive security and blue team 2021/04/01 1.06 MB
Data protection and legal aspects in the context of red team and penetration testing activities 2021/03/25 0.62 MB
Update concerning the state of play on the Romanian National Cyber Security Directorate (19th of March 2021) 2021/03/19 0.18 MB
1_Process management for red team and threat intelligence activities in an organisation 2021/03/18 1.65 MB
Management de proces pentru Echipa Roșie și activități de Threat Intelligence într-o organizație 2021/03/18 2.07 MB
Ghid de securitate cibernetică - securizarea statiei de lucru 2021/03/10 0.47 MB
Cybersecurity Guide 2021/03/04 2.29 MB
Ghid de securitate cibernetică 2021/03/03 1.63 MB
Securitatea cibernetică - Provocări și perspective în educație 2021/02/04 8.96 MB